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Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.

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Reiki is for Everyone

 What is Reiki? Reiki healing is the Universal Life Force of Love.  It's not a religion but it is receiving guidance from the highest intelligence of all. It's the pulsating energy and life energy of this universe, our physical, mental and emotional bodies, our solar system and this earth we live on. It can be thought of as a battery charger boosting the electrical~energetic system of the human body.  It's the most natural way to touch another to ease their pain, stresses and struggle. It's often said to be the key to unlocking the door to vitality of life when we have lost some of that spark for ourselves allowing the release of physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and energetic blockages that we have accumulated throughout life. 

There is so much that can be said about Reiki but think of your body being full of an energy flow like the traffic on an interstate and suddenly there are blocks the traffic comes to a halt and it doesn't move for an extended period of time, our energy within can do the same and as a Reiki Master (pending completion of level III) I can open that highway back up and get the flow moving smoothly and the energy will flow to the areas of your body and mind that need the healing.

Reiki is for everybody, it's for every living thing the good is channeled with your intent and your intention is paramount. So for Reiki in Sherman and surrounding areas please give jj a call.  


How Reiki Can Help You

Reiki can help those suffering from a wide variety of ailments that traditional medical treatment may not be completely helping with.  Reiki can help speed a healing process or it can assist in the healing itself. It can relax us and help us rid our bodies of stress, emotional issues, it can give us a solid sense of belonging and well being. It can allow us to reach within and get in touch with our soul, to communicate with the universe and our creator on a deeply spiritual level.  To give some examples during my training I've seen many people get amazing help with medical issues from a man who had double knee surgery and his physical therapy was not going well until a Reiki treatment and his next that very day PT went better than ever and suddenly his recovery accelerated very fast.  One day a lady with a dislocated shoulder was in severe pain, I was prompted to put my hand near her shoulder and upon feeling the energy tingling from my hand her pain immediately went away.  I have many examples and I look forward to the opportunity to be of service to you.

We have 7 Chakras in our bodies, the Reiki Practitioner uses hands on treatment over the Chakras to manipulate the energy to these areas, the Chakras are "opened" to allow this to happen and as they open and receive the energy and allow it to flow many wonderful things happen. Physical ailments as well as emotional and mental issues can be helped or cured. Reiki can bring an inner peace that allows us greater understanding and control over our life.  One finds many of their limiting beliefs are extinguished and allow new empowering beliefs to enter. 

At the time of this writing I have completed 2 levels of the 3 required to be a Reiki Master I can do treatments now but after I receive my Reiki Master level then I will be ready to push forward with great energy to help you and others.  I will be locating a spa to use and I will be making house calls, I will finish that training and have the Reiki Master certification on April 6th.  It is often said that Reiki appears in ones life when they greatest need it, or that it finds you when you are at your greatest need and your potential for healing and personal growth is developing. I know this happened for me so contact me now and I will be happy to discuss this further and to set an appointment for your Reiki experience. 

Who is JJ?

I'm James "Jim" Owen who has spent many years in the real estate industry.  Brokerage, auctioneering, developing, buying and selling and at one time a Dr told me I could be the poster child for stress.  I am a biker and we bikers have "road names" nicknames that often tell a story and JJ is short for my road name of Jumpstart Jimmy. On February 8, 2011 I was in the midst of a very busy time but was having some medical issues so a trip to the cardiologist happened on that very day and I still hold the distinction of being the only person to have a major heart attack in their office! I was on the treadmill when it hit next I knew I was on a table getting emergency treatment and rushed to the hospital where a heart cath procedure was done to open an artery (widow maker) that was 100% blocked up.  After 4 stints the blood was flowing however I died 4 times in the process and went to the other side for a very dramatic Near Death Experience (NDE). They had to use the defibrillator  many many times to "Jumpstart" ole Jimmy back to life. It of course was a life changing experience and I spent a few years trying to figure it all out and what I was supposed to do.  I was told what I was doing and had been doing I wouldn't be doing anymore that I would be given a gift to use to help people, a healing gift.  For 6 years not much info was revealed to me then I felt I was about to explode with anxiety and from that process I discovered or was led to Reiki and had treatments from and later trained by the wonderful Billie Sandel in Allen TX.  Now in this past year things are being revealed to me on a high speed level and I have learned without hesitation I was to get my Reiki training and become a Reiki Master to use this gift to help others.  I have completed my Reiki Master training on April 6, 2018 and I am ready willing and able to help you.  By the way my meeting with a messenger from God took place on a beautiful river bank in the mountains, I grew up in West Virginia and it looked like back home, I have ridden 7,000 miles on the back of a motorcycle looking for that exact spot on the river realizing that spot was not to be found but the journey looking for it allowed me to find and understand myself better than ever before.  I'm currently working on a book about this experience called "In Search Of A River", Reiki has allowed my mind to open and receive revelation and to a greater understanding of the NDE and my reason for existence. 


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